Bought The Avengers movie~

We’re selling it at work (with a free adorable bobblehead!) and of course I couldn’t resist. My Cap bobble sat on the receipt printer all day making sure peoples shit came out right :D

I decided to rewatch the movie when I got home. And I only have one question:


Being Unintentionally Awkward: A Lifestyle

What do you think of the title for my autobiography? I happen to think it’s rather fitting after these past couple days.

See, we’re allowed to dress up the week before Halloween at work. But I decided to start a month early and have been wearing these cat ears here.

No one had said anything about them for a while and so I forgot I was wearing them. And then this older man came up to my counter and politely asked “Did you get your ears from you mom or you dad?”

I was confused because, like I said, I’d forgotten the cat ears, and my hair is long enough it covers most of my real ears. So I smiled. And told him the truth. That I didn’t know. Because I’ve never met my biological father X|

It took me till he left to realize why it had gotten so awkwardly silent after that XD

But aside from a moderate conversation starter (or really just people calling me cute >////<) and awkward conversations, they’re something fun I can do because who knew working could be so damn boring?

Came home from work today to find this~

Bucket, baby, like this? Oh no. I love it!

Every time I’ve put it in a safe place, I pull it back out to stare some more

I don’t get mail often, much less something cute and personalized like this

Thank you Bucket <3

This really made my day

Finally got a job~

Had a pretty great birthday. I’m not big on parties so that was skipped in favor of sleeping in till eleven. Mom took me out to Cracker Barrel (after me hinting for two months (its hard to get my mom to go out)) and afterwards I got called in for an interview at Walgreens. I’ll be working there in a couple weeks~

So happy. Finally some decent income and not sitting around on my ass. Yes, this is good. Very good day indeed.


Because my friends know me so well~