Had to leave work early to go to the dentist and get a tooth pulled. Damn thing had three long roots and because of all the yanking he had to do all the teeth around it were (will continue to be later) super fucking sore. But I’ve got some meds and they’ve finally kicked in so I’m feeling pretty fucking good right now. A bit hyper so I’ll probably clean. Now if only the bleeding would stop..

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GOOD. don’t make me mom at you. I’ll mom at you. I mom at every one…and while you’re at it you should eat some greens. *poker face*

Geez mom, you’re ruining my life!

Kidding. I went to the hospital. Only had about five anxiety attacks during the two hour adventure.

But yeah. It was a bit worse than I had thought. And was going to get even worse than that. It’s called… -checks paper- ….. cellulitis. Basically an infected insect bite.

But its all good now! I only have to take six pills a day for the next 10 days and I’ll be good as new! Yay!

((Have I mentioned how much I hate doctors? Hospitals? Medicine? ugggh))

So I think I got bit by spider…

I’ve had this spot on my arm for a couple days now, and it’s slowly been growing. It’s about the size of a half dollar now. It itches really bad and is actually starting to hurt just a bit. At first I thought it was my hives coming back, but it didn’t go away and now there’s very clearly a spot in the center that indicates a bite.

My roommate is about to throw me into the car and force me to go to the hospital. But I hate going to the doctor (goes back to me having hives) and I’d rather avoid it if I can.

So what I’m asking is, has anyone ever been bitten by a spider? Does it look like this? Is it really that bad? Will it be gone soon if I don’t go to the doctor?

((There’s a lot of black widows and brown recluses in the part of the state I live in, but I think I would be much worse if it were either of those so….))