Here, have some pictures of my babies

Matt is a pimp

Jac is his bitch

Matt also thinks he’s much smaller than he actually is (his ass has already destroyed one basket)

And Jac sleeps like the dead

On a happier note!

So we finally got Matt fixed!

He’s taking it pretty well

We had to get him fixed, because I was set on getting a new kitten

I ended up with two

Meet Jac (short for Jacquelyn) (left) and Jill (right)

Jac was supposed to be the only one I got, but mom really likes Jill so I managed to noodle her into getting both~

More kitties under cut!

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I finally found a way to get my cat to love me

So as a slightly early birthday present I got taken out to eat and to see The Bourne Legacy (yay!). But as the movie started later than planned we spent a little time at an amazing garden shop where I got some really nice herbs for a great price.

I decided to pick up some catnip because it supposedly makes good tea (and I wanted to see my Matt’s reaction) Good gods I think he might be high. He’s done nothing but rubbed his face against it and drooled all over the couch cover since he caught a whiff. And he’s so stupidly cuddly right now I’m not sure how to act.

Catnip: The only thing that makes my cat love me.

My cat just crawled to the edge of the bed and was staring so intently at the floor that I decided to crawl to lay beside him. After about a minute of seeing absolutely nothing on the floor, I decided to, you know, logically, ask what the hell he was staring at. I ‘psssst-ed’ and ‘hey-ed’ and asked what we were staring at for about thirty seconds before he finally looked over at me with a wide eyed serious expression that could only be read as ‘would you shut the fuck up you stupid bitch’

I promptly pouted and backed away from the edge of the bed. He went right back to staring at the floor.

chimericalvagary replied to your post: I think…. my cat just sprayed my bed.. I got done…

omg, are are you trying to set your cat up in a gay cat romance so that he won’t pee on your belongings? ew, though. ew. maybe get him fixed?

Well they both obviously need to get laid. And I don’t know of any female cats in the neighborhood XD

lol I am now considering getting him fixed because just a couple hours after that he sprayed my uncles leg… And it’s weird because he’s never, ever sprayed before, but I get he’s just finally hitting that stage.

Gods, I still remember him as a kitten~

-cries- My baby has grown up so fast!

I think…. my cat just sprayed my bed..

I got done masturbating and he came into the room and was cuddling me

Maybe a little more than usual

But now… there’s this smell…..


Good thing I was already planning to clean the sheets and shit today