Home and with a new pet!

ugh finally home! After two weeks, it’s nice to sit on my own bed again~

I swear, the entire time I was in Ft Campbell it was hot as shit. But the moment we start getting ready to leave? Rain! Lots of fucking rain.

I normally love the rain, but I had to drive two and half hours in a constant downpour. That shit scares me. So once I got off the interstate I decided to go to BAM to calm down and let some of the storm pass instead of going straight home. Bought some presents for my friend and then decided to stop by Petco since it’s in the same lot.

I’ve been bugging my mom for the past week about maybe getting a parakeet. We had one when I was little, and I’ve been having a bit of nostalgia and was wanting another one.

Mom said no. Because we watched someones parakeets for a couple days and our cat was very determined to eat them (stupid thing won’t hunt for shit outside). So I compromised with asking for a rat. Again, she said no (my mother hates rodents with tails. I love them with tails)

She said maybe a hamster or a gerbil. I said no (I wasn’t even sure what a gerbil looked like). After looking in the store though, I called her up and asked if her offer of a gerbil was still on the table.

She said yes. And promptly grimaced when I brought it home and she saw it had a tail lol


I’m pretty sure it’s a female. Rodents tend to have very… obvious sexes. I just don’t know what to name her..